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> Promotion of accessibility and financial inclusion



Savings banks in France - Support to financial education and prevention

The association ”Finances & Pedagogie”, the subsidiary of the Caisses d’Epargne dedicated to financial inclusion, provides training related to money and budget management.
Since its creation in 1957, the Finances & Pédagogie (F&P) association has been supported by the Caisses d’Epargne. Through this partnership, in 2016, 21 employees in local regions created an educational program focused on money related issues. This financial education project is mainly devoted to teaching young people and facilitating their insertion, informing people in economically and financially unstable situations, and training professionals in social action to support these demographic groups. In 2016, 2,776 sessions were held with about 39,300 participants. They included:

- 14,623 young people from schools and vocational centers;

- 18,481 people receiving support from entities in the social and solidarity based economy or other social organizations;

- around 872 social workers and volunteers from the social services divisions of associations, mentorship organizations, and local governments.

All of these actions are intended as concrete responses to the current challenges of banking inclusion and the prevention of excessive debt. The initiatives take the form of workshops/training sessions that combine theoretical learning and practical experience. Nearly 3,800 topics were covered in 2016:

- 59% involved budgeting and money issues in everyday life;

- 18.5% involved banks and banking relationships;

- and over 17% involved issues related to credit and excessive debt.

The association is now an essential, recognized force in financial education in France. Finance & Pédagogie contributes its practical expertise and experience within the framework of the Financial Education Operational Committee, implemented in 2016 and led by the Governor of Banque de France. For example, F&P has trained all Budget Advice Point employees, some 100 people, within a tight time frame. The purpose of these advice points is to inform and support people at risk of financial difficulty.

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