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1.Fair and clear relations with customers
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4. Making a responsible contribution to the community
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East German Savings Banks Association

East German Savings Banks Association: “Big Emma” New life in the countryside

The East German Savings Banks Association, together with municipalities and local businesses, engages in a pilot project fighting against the decline of retail stores and other services in rural areas. The first “Big Emma”, a mini-centre for shops and meeting place for residents, opened its doors in Zabelitz, in the Eastern region of Germany.


Kreissparkasse Heinsberg

Kreissparkasse Heinsberg: The power of wind energy

With a variety of initiatives and sustainable products, Savings Banks contribute to making this century’s project of the “Energiewende” and restructuring the German energy sector a success. Kreissparkasse Heinsberg is a pioneer in this field through the set up of a customer fund. Through the purchase of Environmental Savings Bonds by local citizens, the financing of the Tripsrath wind park project worth EUR 11 million was guaranteed.


Provinzial Rheinland

Provinzial Rheinland Green inside and out

Many companies have a green logo, but few are green at heart. Provinzial Rheinland, however, is green inside and out. To offset all unavoidable greenhouse gas emissions, the insurance company had 4,500,000 square meters of forest restored, partly by its employees, who took part in a tree-planting action to grow a climate protection forest.


Savings Banks German-Polish Cooperation Office

Savings Banks’ German-Polish cooperation office and the Fröbel Group

Savings Banks are advocates of sustainable economic growth, both in Germany and beyond. In Frankfurt / Oder, for example, the Savings Banks' German- Polish Cooperation Office supports enterprises on both sides of the border. This support was used by the Fröbel Group, which runs day nurseries and after-school childcare centres.


Sparkasse Heidelberg

Sparkasse Heidelberg: "Bahnstadt Heidelberg" - Creating something that will last

Savings Banks help to develop high-quality living space, thus shaping their region’s economic future. Sparkasse Heidelberg actively contributes to the development of a new city quarter that fosters the sustainability in both ways: economically and ecologically. Upon completion in 2017 “Bahnstadt Heidelberg” will not only provide high-quality living space but bring together offices and laboratories, educational facilitites and centres for daily needs, such as groceries.


Sparkasse Krefeld

Sparkasse Krefeld and vocational training

When it comes to their future, German trainees trust the Savings Banks. In 2014, the Savings Banks Finance Group employed around 22,500 vocational trainees – and some institutions take an unusual approach. Sparkasse Krefeld, for example, has interesting alternatives in store for those who decide to cut short their university studies: it is also a training centre for chefs.


Sparkasse Nürnberg

Sparkasse Nürnberg: The smart way to provide services

Many people are constantly online and expect services to be available via the Internet. Savings banks flexibly adapts to the customers’ new needs, constantly expanding their offers. Sparkasse Nürnberg and several other German savings banks adapt to the fast-moving digital age by offering their customers state-of-the-art services in line with the customers’ needs.


Sparkasse Saarbrücken

Sparkasse Saarbrücken: Sustainability as a way of life

Savings Banks see themselves as pioneers for protecting nature and the environment – in their branches, and in their regions. Sparkasse Saarbrücken has established the position of an environmental officer to foster the incorporation of sustainability into its corporate structure. Additionally, the savings bank fosters in-house environmental protection and has certified its main branch in line with the EMAS directive.


Sparkasse Taunus

Sparkasse Taunus: Unternehmer-Blick “Dialogue as a source of inspiration”

Sparkasse Taunus launched the initiative “An entrepreneur’s view” in order to obtain a clearer idea of customers’, especially SMEs’, expectations towards a savings bank. The findings of the round table discussion are used to improve customer satisfactions as they give rise for the development of new financial products, tailored according to customers’ needs. Hence, the initiative simply follows the principle: only those who make their customers strong will be made strong by their customers.


Sparkasse Trier

Sparkasse Trier and accessibility

Have you forgotten your glasses? Broken your leg? Are you out and about with a pram? Everyday life can quickly turn into a challenge. Price tags are illegible, stairs insurmountable, narrow passages impassable. Sparkasse Trier wants to make sure that its customers have access to its services and therefore has been promoting a fully accessible environment for years.



Savings Banks Finance Group: Give and Take: The S-Mentoring Programme

Women in top management positions are a rare occurrence in German businesses. In order to overcome this issue, the German Savings Banks Finance Group launched an initiative to promote women in executive positions. The nationwide S-Mentoring programme is part of the initiative, which aims to open more top jobs to women.


Südholstein Savings Bank Foundation

Südholstein Savings Bank Foundation: Smart little brains

The market-economy depends upon well-trained, high-performance employees. But education is expensive. Therefore, many savings banks foundations support educational offers for children and young people. One advanced example is the Südholstein Savings Bank Foundation which actively supports an enrichment programme to support particularly talented children. Through specific works, the young students discover their talents. Their special skills are brought to life.

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